Ready To Unleash Your Divine Feminine Power, Awaken Your Inner Magician
And Receive MORE— money, freedom, pleasure, success?

You’re in the right place. 

The Premiere Manifesting + Magical Training Community 
For Ambitious Spiritual Women Who Want to Play BIG

Hey, Magical Sister – 

I see you.  

Creative, generative, highly ambitious… you know how to make sh*t happen. 

And you’re really flippin’ serious about receiving MORE: more money, more freedom, more pleasure, more success.  

But sometimes… it’s a lot easier said than done, yeah?  Even for a manifesting rockstar like you. 

Maybe – despite all the affirmations, vision boards and figuring out “how you want to feel?”… you still struggle to manifest what you want, when you want it. 

Maybe you resort to “hustling” when your magic isn’t flowing… 

Maybe you feel held hostage by that ONE thing you can’t seem to manifest— consistent income, your  soulmate… releasing those extra pounds. 

Or maybe the self doubt creeps in as you get close to what you want… and you “sabotage” at the last second! 

Whatever your “stopping point” is, know THIS… 

You have within you the power to create everything you Desire, and more. 
(Yes, you do. You were born with it.) 

 The KEY to unlocking that power is… 

 Magical practice in a SISTERHOOD of powerhouse women like you, 
…consistently, ongoing…  
… using a manifesting process that WORKS. 

Welcome To...

In The Circle, You Will...

Learn the art of real magic – metaphysical and spiritual tools to create change in alignment with Will…. from someone with significant real-world experience in said art.

Manifest your Desires consistently, thanks to consistent manifesting practice (monthly, weekly and daily simple practices) 

Unleash your Divine Self – no more denying your powers, shrinking to fit or denying your light 

Be surrounded and supported by women who are as expansive, generative and BADASS as you 

Harness and direct the energy of the collective… so you can 10X your results, consistently! 

The Circle is THE place online for creative, highly ambitious women
who want to manifest more, consistently, with ease.

“Dang, that Goddess knows how to manifest!" 

‘Since working with Elizabeth, I have written an international best-selling book, manifested several high-visibility speaking opportunities, partnered with some incredible coaches, and am connecting with an on-going stream of clients who honor and pay me well for my intuitive wisdom because “I get them.” But more importantly, because of this work of Feminine Magic®, I GET ME. 

If you’re wondering how to bring your best self forward (and not go down the rabbit hole in the process), Elizabeth helps you tune in to receiving what is already inside of you waiting to be expressed. Ready to shift the way you live in the world? I’m not saying Elizabeth has the Universe on speed dial, but dang, that goddess knows how to manifest!” 

Linda Bard  

Katya Sarmiento  

I knew I could manifest little things but I never really believed I could manifest big things in my life just as easily." 

‘​That said, I totally knew it was possible which meant that what I really needed to do grow my faith.  I just wanted the how” properly laid out for me. 

I kept checking out all these spirituality and manifesting groups but it always felt like I was just getting little bits and pieces. A lot of info felt so contradictory. 

And then I saw Feminine Magic®. I had been in Elizabeths world for a while so I knew right away that her Engineering and systems background would break down the manifesting process for me step by step. I knew shed teach manifesting in a way that  would be more predictable, consistent and create real world results. 

I was right. 

After stepping into Feminine Magic® all areas of my life have changed dramatically in a really short time.  

I got crystal clear on what I really wanted on all fronts. As  a result I manifested the sale of my business, a new community of entrepreneurs to mastermind with…  
then I booked out 6 months worth of clients before the new year even started.   

The cool thing is, I created all this with aligned action. I dont overworked… there isnt all the hustling I used to do. In fact, this time things felt really easy.  

Along the way, I moved into my dream apartment, hired a personal chef and finally began prioritizing health and wellness, an area I had historically ignored and taken for granted. 

All of this within 90 days, plus the endless daily surprises that show up when youre living in total alignment. I know there is so much more to come. 

It’s for you if you Desire to explore your power, and discover the ancient, esoteric secrets of creating your reality. 

And it’s definitely for you if Desire a SISTERHOOD of women who are MAGICIANS like you are. 

Women who are a commitment to creating massive wealth, freedom, and success on their terms.   

Women who do not, and will never, apologize for their “woo”… who are fully self-expressed… who understand that their Creative Power is a gift, and developing it is a FREAKIN’ BLAST. 

Your urge for expansion is REAL, and so is your Desire for MORE. 

You were BORN for more, so let’s stop apologizing, shall we? 

Here, you’re gonna create, manifest and allow by leveraging the Universe and activating your Divine Power – instead of hustling your bum-bum off. 

For thousands of years, magicians have used THE CIRCLE 
to amplify their power and make highly effective magic. 

Now, it’s time for YOU to do the same. 

Over the past few years, there has been an EXPLOSION of all things spiritual, metaphysical, magical. 

Priestess trainings… witch’s circles… goddess circles… the Divine Feminine…  it’s all out there. 

AND yet… 

There is one KEY aspect of your Feminine Power that has yet to be fully explored in the current landscape – probably because so few really understand it. 

This is the part of you that is Divine Power.  That shows up on the physical plane in your power to live in FLOW, manifest instantly and to shape reality to your Will. 

This is the part of you that defies ONE magical label – witch, priestess, goddess, creatrix, mother – because She is a part of them ALL. 

She is… The Feminine Magician. 

She is fully seen, fully self-expressed, and 1000% sure of herself.  She knows her Power is Divine Power.  She is s-e-x-x-y as hell, yet conforms to nobody’s standards of beauty.   

She makes zero apologies.  She creates anything she wants, whenever she wants, with ease. 

Her energy – and manifesting chops – is absolutely required for you to live the kind of life you secretly Desire: big, bold, fully YOU, and yeah, a little LOUD. 

And yet… in “Muggle World,” she’s still hiding… underneath years of conditioning and silent agreements, even among women themselves – to dim her light, conform to the usual archetypes, and only Desire so much. 

Pardon my French, but… SCREW THAT. 

I’m here to remind you what you already know, deep down...

There’s so much MORE available to you than what your senses tell you. 
And you have more power in you than you can ever imagine. 

All the blocks, all the obstacles CRUMBLE when you truly own your Power. 

So Isn’t it time that you LET it OUT? 

“My income tripled and I manifested the freedom to work remotely while adventuring in Bali & Europe." 

‘​Mentoring with Elizabeth, I received a gold-mine of strategy, mindset and magical tools that truly served me in manifesting time freedom and income leaps.   

I also learned first hand how to BE an abundant and discerning Creatrix with a feminine leader mindset calibrated to abundance. Elizabeth consistently models an integrated approach to consciously creating her life & business – the same feminine leadership energy that attracted me to her work.  

While working with Elizabeth, my income tripled (I went from charging a few hundred per session to receiving to a few thousand per client in the first month). From there I manifested aligned & lucrative joint venture partnerships and I created the freedom to live and work in Bali and Europe. 

Today my business is continues to expand with even more ease and creates space for me to travel more.  

Elizabeth’s training to money, magic and business was critical in receiving the business and lifestyle I had been yearning for. This has been a truly transformative journey! 

Jenna Ward  

The Circle is the place for your Feminine Magician to come out to play – BIG TIME. 
It’s the place for you to call in NEW dreams and NEW Desires, every single month.

 So Who Am I, To Teach You This Magic Stuff? 

When you learn from me, you learn from someone who has been immersed in Western esoteric traditions for over 20 years.   

My journey on the magical path began when I was very young.  When I hit my early 20’s, the calling was too loud to ignore. 

So I spent 15 years in New York City, studying and practicing the disciplines that influence modern Western magic, including initiation in a well-respected tradition of Wicca (modern witchcraft) and extensive studies in Tarot.  All while earning my masters in computer science from NYU, followed by a decade as a systems engineer during the Internet’s mainstream emergence.  

Most importantly, I’ve created real change and massive results in my life.  7-figure business, $100k+ in debt GONE, married to my soul mate for 13+ years (my greatest manifestation), birth to our “magical child” after I was sure I’d never have kids (my other greatest manifestation), rewiring my money programming, my relationship programming, traveling around the world… and that’s just for starters. 

To me, magic MUST be practical.  The results MUST show up here on the physical plane.  This is why much of my work centers on using these ancient tools effectively in the modern world. 

Now let’s talk about what YOU’RE going to create when you step into The Circle.  


You’re going to manifest your Desires, goals and dreams consistently. 

This means…  

If you want to manifest $5k, $10k, $50k in a given month, you’ll know how to do it – and be supported in ALLOWING that in. 

If you want your dream home, you’ll use this container to call that in… in a fraction of the time. 

Want to call in some connections with famous people?  (Why not, right?)  Do it here. 

If you’re Desiring a soulmate, you’ll use our facilitated processes to call that in. 

Losing weight?  Same deal. 

The ideal preschool for your kids?  Same. 

Financial freedom in 3 years or less?  Same. 

And on and on… 

What’s on your list of resolutions, goals and intentions for the year? 
The Circle is where you make them real. 

Beatrice Lugano  

I’ve manifested consistent clients, the sale of my lake house that had been on the market for ages and now we’re vacationing at a gorgeous home in the mountains!" 

Prior to working with Feminine Magic®, I was ready to take my manifesting skills to the next level. I was pretty good at manifesting some things, but had trouble calling in specific things, especially money. I didn’t have a steady monthly income and was always struggling between feast and famine. 

I’m thrilled to celebrate that my client flow, and therefore, my monthly income, are now consistent. My lake house sold even though it had been on the market for years. And I recently manifested a gorgeous vacation home in the mountains for the summer.  

Today I feel fulfilled. I continue to use Elizabeth’s teachings and our tap into the community to help me manage my energy and consciously create at Will.  

BE-ing in this new vibration has helped me consciously create and attract incredible results. 

Not only did I reach my 5 Figure financial goal with ease... I also created an easy, fun and reliable process to manifest that amount over and over again." 

Working with the 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan, following inspiration, and taking fast, aligned action, I started a meetup group that had 100 women in 10 days and 25 women at our first meeting! From there I started doing mini-retreats in my home that consistently bring in ideal, high paying clients. 

Not only did I reach the financial goal I set, I also created opportunities for other women to connect, plus manifested an easy and reliable way to grow my network and create consistent cash flow while helping my ideal clients experience amazing healing and transformation. I am now on my way to my first $20,000 month! 

Thank you Elizabeth for being a catalyst for these wonderful changes! 

Michelle Wilson


Ongoing Facilitation of The Feminine Magic® 
30-Day Manifesting Game Plan

The BEST way to get consistent results from the art of manifesting is… make it a practice. 

Manifesting isn’t something you do just because you happen to need an extra 5 grand this month.  Or when you feel like taking an exotic vacation and you have no clue how you’re going to pay for it. 

YOU create your life, Goddess – every single day.  You wanna manifest your biggest dreams, Desires, and goals consistently?  Use your freakin’ powers – every single DAY. 

Luckily, it’s easy when you’re in a group of powerhouse women, all focusing their energy on expansion.   

In The Circle I’ll lead you through an ongoing manifesting practice – yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. IMAGINE how much MORE you will create & call into your life, when you give your dreams, goals and Desires constant attention. 

THIS benefit is easily worth 10x the investment in the Circle, all on its own.  

Experiential Monthly Training In Real Magic

This is NOT your mama’s vision board!! 

If you’re familiar with the Feminine Magic® curriculum, you know that we start with the psychological and metaphysical “how to” of manifesting – because you MUST know how your brain & body work with Universal Law to create your reality.   

In The Circle, you’ll go BEYOND these aspects of manifesting to learn the skills of magic – how to work with energy across multiple planes, dimensions and levels of consciousness in order to bend reality to your Will. 

If you’re still new to manifesting, don’t worry – we’ll get you up to speed. 

If you’re short on time, don’t worry –This is about developing your Divine Power, not choking on content.  These skills will easily integrate into your schedule, no matter how full. 

MONTHLY New Moon Goal Setting 
Workshop + Desire Activation

Every month, shortly before the New Moon, we’ll host a 1-hour workshop where you’ll translate the Desires of your Essence (aka your Higher Self, or Divine Self) into tangible goals for the following moon cycle and beyond.  

Then we’ll gather with the wider Feminine Magic® community and ACTIVATE your manifesting goals for the month.  From there, my team and I will hold the sacred container, guiding you through the 30-Day manifesting cycle. 

With use of The Core Manifesting Process (our proprietary model for how manifesting really works), along with your new skills in magic and consistent aligned action (a lot easier when you’re rocking it in community), you will be blown away by how many of your dreams come true, faster than anything you could have ever hoped for, or imagined! 

MONTHLY Q+A and coaching opportunities with me 

Of COURSE you’re going to have all kinds of opportunity to ask me anything you want about magic, manifesting and whatever is coming up for you in your magical practice.  I’m very active in our community group, and at least once per month I’ll field questions on Facebook Live or Zoom (whichever works best for our members) for a generous amount of time. 

Private Virtual Community 

Our Facebook group is outside of ordinary space and time.  It’s YOUR place to be BIGGER and MORE SUCCESSFUL than you’ve ever been – without worrying that you’re outshining, making the people around you feel bad, or pissing them off.  There is NO “shrinking to fit” inside The Circle – this is YOUR place to be your beautiful, powerful, BOLD self.  

AND… it’s also your place to be “in the sh*t.”  🙂 
If manifesting BIG results was always easy… we’d all be zillionaires by now!  But as you’ve undoubtedly discovered… sh*t gets real, FAST, when you’re expanding beyond your “comfort zone” – aka safety programming. 

In The Circle community, you have permission to be BIG, and permission to vulnerable.  Our agreement is that we hold each other powerfully, and with LOVE.  This means that we’ll witness your struggle, but we’re not gonna let you stay there.  This kind of sisterhood and support is PRICELESS on your path to true Power. 

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000++ 

How Much Are Your Biggest Goals And Dreams REALLY Worth To YOU? 

Think of the biggest goal on your list right now. 

(And DON’T tell me that you don’t want anything – we both know that’s not true.) 

Maybe it’s to finally break through your money blocks and open yourself to receive more cash.  Or maybe it’s finding your soul mate.  Quitting your soul-sucking J-O-B.  (Been there, done that.)  Or transforming your health.  Or a thriving business, making money doing what you LOVE. 

What’s it really worth to you over the next 3 years? 

No wriggling out of this, Goddess.  Put a number to it.   I’ll wait. 

Got it?  Good. 

Whatever that number is… I know it’s a heck of a lot less than the $297 per month you’ll invest to receive all the benefits of The Circle. 

HOW This is Gonna Roll...

Once you sign up, you’ll receive immediate access to the member’s area.  My team will add you to the Facebook group as soon as possible.  (We have to do this manually.) 

In the member’s area, you’ll find our Core Content – a few short videos that show you EXACTLY where you are on the Feminine Magician’s Journey, based on initiatory traditions dating back thousands of years, and still in use today.  You’ll see instantly where you are on the path and how everything we do fits in to the bigger picture. 

Once per month, you’ll get training in manifestation and magic.  Usually, these will be LIVE and experiential, on the Facebook group.  (Sometimes they’ll be recorded.) 

Shortly before the New Moon, we’ll gather as a community for our monthly goal setting workshop, where I’ll lead you through getting clear on what you REALLY want and creating a spiritual + physical plane action plan to call it in. 

You’ll kick off the monthly 30-Day Manifesting Game plan on the New Moon. 

Every DAY, my team and I will be in the Facebook group, guiding you through the plan. 

At least once per month I’ll have a 60-to-90 minute Facebook LIVE (or Zoom) for questions, answers and coaching.  (You can submit your Q’s in advance if you can’t make it.)  

I signed up 4 new clients for a total of $12K and manifested another $15K from my 2nd online summit — all in the same month! Then another $30K from group programs." 

Before working with Elizabeth, I had learned to grow my list and client base through online summits and was able to quit my job in Finance, but I couldn’t continue the forward momentum. Aligned ideas weren't flowing and I couldn’t get anything off the ground.  

When I received access the core content and practices of Feminine Magic®, I blown away by the Truth and power of Elizabeth's teachings. 

Working with Feminine Magic® I successfully enrolled four new clients at $12,500, launched two group programs at almost $30K combined and hosted my second online summit which manifested approximately $15K. The shift in my offerings has allowed me to spend even more time with my family doing the things that I love… all while I'm earning more money. 

A million thanks to Elizabeth for the brilliance and  manifesting wisdom she shares. I now have a much deeper understanding of the vibrational energy needed to manifest consistent financial abundance into my life, and know exactly how to activate it! 

Jocelyn Mercado

Kelly Anne Mitchell  

I blew my bold money goal out of the water in just 2 months…now 5 figure months are a standard in my mind and bank account." 

I had so much knowledge and a BIG burning desire to serve, but I was also in major overwhelm.   

I couldn't seem to wade through the practical steps required to get to my next level and I wasn’t sure how to manifest the types of clients I really wanted.  

Elizabeth helped me claim my worth as an expert and play in bigger arena while learning to master manifestation in my business. Activating my Feminine Magic® I’ve been able to tap into knowledge and skills that I had somehow forgotten to weave into my business and it’s making all the difference.  

As a result, I have created my signature program, stepped into an even greater role as a divine feminine leader, and developed the unshakeable knowing that anything is possible when you take action rooted in your spiritual truth.  

I no longer play small in my business. I don’t accept ‘less than fees’ and I don’t accept a ‘less than’ version of myself.   

I manifest the clients I desire to work with and I have a clear plan for expansion that’s truly aligned with who I am and who I’m here to serve.   

None of this would be possible if Elizabeth hadn’t helped me to activate this new version of myself.  

If you truly believe that what you desire is possible, Elizabeth is the mentor that can help you activate, claim, and call it in…All you have to do say YES. 


I’m already manifesting some pretty awesome miracles using my current rituals and practices… do I really need MORE magical training? 

I’m soooo busy as it stands. How do I know I won’t end up with another folder  of info on my hard drive that I have zero time to work through.

Money is a bit tight right now. How can I justify this investment?

I've joined online metaphysical communities before and they never quite felt like true sisterhood. What makes The Circle different? 

Is There A Guarantee?

So welcome home Goddess! It’s time to step in.


My income has tripled and both my businesses are bursting at the seams!" 

Once I said yes (without even really knowing what I was saying yes to), amazing results have been manifesting faster than I ever imagined. Within Elizabeth’s perfect combination of mindset, magic and coaching, I’ve worked with over 75 clients in the past six months and I’m launching a brand new online program very soon.  

Though my calendar is bursting at times, I still feel totally relaxed because I’m in such a supportive container. Those little “nigglies” of lack may whisper to me but I simply remind them that I can manifest as much money and time as I want whenever I jolly well please. 

It’s crazy to think that if I had said no to my intuition, I would have closed the door on one of the biggest opportunities of my career… 

Instead, I am so thrilled to be celebrating an abundance of money and opportunities flowing to me and finally getting it into my bones that I don’t have to work so hard to be wildly successful. 

Yes, Elizabeth, I’m ready to enroll in The Circle: 
A Feminine Magic® Community For Manifesting Success  

I understand that I’ll receive: 

Ongoing Facilitation of The Feminine Magic® 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan, to call in what you want, when you want it (Value $2000+ per year) 

Experiential Monthly Training In Real Magic, to learn how to bend reality to your Will (value $2000+ per year)  

MONTHLY New Moon Goal Setting Workshop + Desire Activation, to claim and energize your Desire with the power of the lunar cycle  (value $2000+ per year) 

Monthly MONTHLY Q+A and coaching opportunities with me— time and space to receive support around whatever’s coming up as you manifest (value  $3000+ per year) 

Private Virtual Community, a collective of like-minded Sisters who will celebrate your every win, lend support when you need it, and amp up your manifesting power by 10x (value $1000+ per year) 

Total Value: $10,000++ 

Your Investment: $3000 or 12 payments of $297 

$1397 or 8 payments of $197  

Dr. Stephania Sciamano  

I really thought I had to wait a while to get what I wanted… but the Universe heard my order and brought my order immediately." 

I realized the way I was doing things in my business were falling flat. They didnt light me up. Things were okay but that just wasnt the way I wanted to live my life. 

I wanted to work from home, to have more joy, and I wanted clientele who were truly committed to their healing journey.  

Looking for that new way I found Elizabeth. What resonated most  was her magical side. She inspired me to bring more of the Divine Feminine into my work and not just  my personal life.  

I was willing to try a new way and so in the Feminine Magic® New Moon Ritual I set an intention of what I really wanted to create in my life and business.  It seemed so BIG— changing my practice completely— that I figured it would take a year to call in 

It took 2 months! 

I could hardly believe it.  

I completely shifted my business. I have clients I love, more time for my son, more time to meditate, a different level of peace of mind. My finances are about the same with more calm and abundance. Who wouldnt want that? 

Women need to know that Feminine Magic® creates results. This works. If you do what Elizabeth tells you… things are going to happen. And… youll have an amazing community  supporting you along the way. 

In a little over 3 months I changed my entire life… Im a completely different person now!" 

Before working with Elizabeth, everything for me was a struggle. I was working so hardand I wasnt happy. I wasnt happy with my life or what I was doing.  

​​​​I  wanted something different and eventually I just got tired of living in toleration.  

But… I was looking for more than just business help. It was more like I needed a lifestyle change. I just didnt know how. 

In my search I was instantly drawn to Elizabeth… She was there to show me a different path, opening me up to possibilities I didnt even know existed for me 

Feminine Magic® isnt about just business It can be applied to your whole life. 

In a little over 3 monthI quit my consulting career of 7 years, I sold my house, I moved 5.5 hours away, I got a new job in a new industry Ive never worked in before, and I bought a new house. 

I didnt understand how unhappy I was until I arrived at how happy I am now.   

I am a completely different person now. 

And the best part is, Ive done this onceso now I can do it again and again. 

Feminine Magic® has changed my life. Im so thankful. 

Jenny Kerr